Should I buy a Brand Named Unit

Should I buy a Brand Named Unit

Brand Named ModelsThis question is very much common, infact, for all the electrical equipments and other things that we intend to purchase. On much study and sorting of all the brands available in the market for any appliance that we intend to purchase, we realise that the branded version may be a lot over-charged for no reason at all.There are many other brands of the product providing the similar service at a comparatively less or nominal price. Such devices are favourable to the customer.

Similar question arises when we plan to buy a Space Heater for our homes.Whether I should buy a brand like Dyson or not. Such questions can be suitably answered by the retail vendor selling the product on assessing the quality of his sales of the product.Also, the customers who have earlier purchased the same appliance from the same store may be able to guide us well on its quality and competance.Most of the times, we can also assess from our study of customers who previously have purchased a branded model of the heater and the others who got a locally manufactured simple model of the same. Many a times, it is found that the customer with a lower priced chin up bar is more satisfied and has no complaints from the appliance.This is because his needs and demands are being adequately fulfilled by the device purchased.This gives pleasure and satisfaction to the customer and also increases the chances that he/she goes to the same store for purchase of his/her next electric item.

In case of Heaters, one of the most common brands that is available in the market is Dyson, which ensures customers of an excellent heating capacity and can be easily used at homes or in offices. It is because of its availability in different sizes and styles that can easily fit inside homes as well as offices and keeps the air warm and comfortable even in times of chilling winters.The small children and the aged people are especially in need of such care and concern, also others who have a tendency of easily picking up flu and other infections from air should appropriately try being in warm surroundings,being warmed by a Heater of any sort.Heaters are also differentiated by the size of the area that they can lay their heat to at a single time.This defines the capacity of the Pen printer heater.A heater of a high capacity warms a larger area, whatsoever. This can be available in any size on the demand of the user or as per user demands.A user should first make a list of all the brands available for a purchase in the market frst, he should check out the item that does not confirm to his style or budget requirements, and tick on all those brands that he feels are suitable. He can keep refining the search process with the available time and resources to finally reach that which is a final decision for him in all conditions and situations. Many of the heaters have been labelled as excellent in some situations and not that good in the other cases.Thus; it is the duty of a person going to purchase the device to fully research about it from the customers who have made a purchase of the same thing earlier and also from the shopkeeper about the device performance.

Any user who purchases the item that he requires in such a way is happy throughout his life, never regretting the decision made during the purchase. One has to be very careful at the time of purchase so as not to regret the decision later on in life.

Honeywell EnergySmart Electric Radiator Review

Where I live, the winters can be very unforgiving. My house is situated at the edge of the neighborhood and is very much exposed to chilly winds. Therefore, I have always been on the lookout for my Holy Grail heater over the past years. My quest has led me to buy heaters from shady websites online as well as from authorized distributors, all to no avail. Until now, that is.

I was rummaging around Amazon for something when I accidentally stumbled upon the Honeywell Electric Radiator. The sleek, modern design immediately caught my attention. Only the previous week, I had bid farewell to my radiator of 7 years. It had been making odd noises for more than a month now and finally succumbed to old age. With temperatures plunging to ever lower levels with every passing day, I was desperately in need of a decent heater. At the time of buying, the heater was being sold at an attractive price of $79.99, a complete bargain, I thought. The reviews I read on Amazon for the Honeywell EnergySmart Electric Radiator were also very heartening so without further ado, I placed an order, selected two day shipping at the checkout and then eagerly waited for my delivery to arrive.

My home is a bit more spacious compared to the average house so only a heavy duty radiator can warm it up to a comfortable temperature. I’m truly pleased that the Honeywell Electric Radiator ticked all the boxes for me. Instead of bearing a manual thermostat, which I have found to be a tad unreliable in my experience, the temperature is adjusted using digital controls which are very easy to use. There are three heat settings. Throughout most of winter, I used the highest setting which really helped create a snug atmosphere in the house. Its performance is almost comparable to gas heaters, without the side effects of migraine and suffocation. Despite its stellar performance, it does not consume as much energy as one would expect. At the highest heat setting, the power consumption is 1500 watts, which is the usual value for any electric heater and I have not found my electricity bills to increase at all.

Although the heater weighs about 25 pounds, it is also equipped with a suitcase-like handle and wheels that slide easily on both tiles and carpets. Moving the unit around is really not an issue at all. The exterior does get hot, but not unbearably so. Touching one would probably not hurt much but I would still advise some caution if you have children or pets in the house. The radiator has good balance and it is not easily toppled over if you accidentally bump into it. The slim profile also makes it easy to blend into any room or office without seeming out of place. Another useful safety feature is that once the temperature reaches the set temperature on the thermostat, it shuts off automatically so you need not worry about overheating.



Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan

Being a fan of Dyson, I had no second thoughts about buying the fan. I am quite happy with the decision that I made. There are some defects in the product but there are enough pros to outweigh them as well. I am very calculative in spending money on such products and so I take 2-3 full-fledged days to read reviews made by customers (a habit my mother hates). But I was so satisfied with the previous Dyson products that I just bought this without indulging into my tedious habit. After 3 weeks of owning this awesome product, I am glad to post this review.

The best part of this product is that it comes in a super stylish look that enhances my interior unlike other fans that I find wobbly in my living room. The fan is white and slim looking making my space lookstylish and modern. The Air Multiplier technology that it brags about is quite deserving of such brag because it does the function of cooling the air and converts the ambience of the room into a soothing one.

Another thing worth mentioning is that it makes less noise but that is the case only for settings below 5. The moment you feel like getting more work out of it and set it near about 7, it makes you realize that you are making it work real hard by making high pitched sounds that are annoying.

The remote is modern looking and easily fits into a space provided on the fanmaking it easy to find always. The presence of a remote makes people like me happy who hate travelling to the fan to make settingsevery time so that gains athumbs up from my side.

It also has no exposed parts that the children can play with and damage. The only thing that comes out is a chord which fails to satisfy me because of its color. I don’t see why they would put a black chord for a white fan instead of a sleek white one. Anyway, this thing only matters to people who have kept it in a region which allows that chord to be visible.

All in all, I am quite happy with this buy and satisfied but one thing that sets me off is the rattling of the fan at high speeds. But I read in one of the reviews that it’s just an assembling problem, hope I get it sorted out soon. Also, I am worried if the plastic fans are durable and long lasting but I would give Dyson the benefit of the doubt and hope that they won’t disappoint me in the long run.

Thinking about the power saving feature, I still have to see my electricity bill for the month which would either add another star or hide one from my review. Till then, i am happy sitting in the cool breeze of air that my fan is supplying from the other end.

Dyson AM05 Hot + Cool Fan Heater

I was quite curious to learn about this product of Dyson that claimed a lot of changes and promised advancements in the technology of heating and cooling both. I was quite apprehensive about buying this product considering the reviews I read on amazon. Still, I got this the previous week and wished that this product would not disappoint me, but it did and on a large scale. I am not satisfied with the efficiency of the product combined with such a high price.

Firstly I feel they should not confuse customers by calling it Fan Heater because evidently it does not meet the requirements of a fan. The heater no doubt, well, heats but you need to bepatient to experience the changes in the temperature of your room. It took this heater around an hour to actually escalate the temperature of my bedroom, which is quite large, so I am not complaining. Also, if you stand at a considerable distance from it you don’t feel the heated air which shows that it does its work quite slow. Secondly, what really attracted me was the size of the product. It’s easy to set up and has a chord that can be managed easily (though the color of the chord is quite annoying). It has no blades and no exposed parts creeping out so it is safe for the children.  Also, it has an attractive design and comes with a remote so I don’t have to budge from myseat to monitor it and that is a great advantage.

The troublesome part begins here. The noise that it creates is just unbearable to me and others in my house. You can’t talk in the same room as the heater because nothing compares tothe sound of this product. I could hardly hear anything happening outside my room and that is not what I would tolerate and you should basically forget sleeping in such a noise.

In the product description, they talk about the Air Amplifier technology, which is in fact good but it does not cool the air present in the room. It only throws air at a faster speed and that is not enough to bring the temperature down.

This product has cost me more in my electricity bills than my traditional room heater that I used previously so the claims that these people make on their description of “energy efficiency” is totally baseless. The only thing it efficiently saves is space as it comes in quite handy and takes up little space in the room.

I see more flaws than benefits in buying this heater (I’d rather call it what it actually is) because at this escalated price, you and I tend to have expectations that this product fails to satisfy. I would suggest that you rather buy a separate heater and a cooling fan for full satisfaction. The combo is good for places that are cool at major times of the year.