Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan

Being a fan of Dyson, I had no second thoughts about buying the fan. I am quite happy with the decision that I made. There are some defects in the product but there are enough pros to outweigh them as well. I am very calculative in spending money on such products and so I take 2-3 full-fledged days to read reviews made by customers (a habit my mother hates). But I was so satisfied with the previous Dyson products that I just bought this without indulging into my tedious habit. After 3 weeks of owning this awesome product, I am glad to post this review.

The best part of this product is that it comes in a super stylish look that enhances my interior unlike other fans that I find wobbly in my living room. The fan is white and slim looking making my space lookstylish and modern. The Air Multiplier technology that it brags about is quite deserving of such brag because it does the function of cooling the air and converts the ambience of the room into a soothing one.

Another thing worth mentioning is that it makes less noise but that is the case only for settings below 5. The moment you feel like getting more work out of it and set it near about 7, it makes you realize that you are making it work real hard by making high pitched sounds that are annoying.

The remote is modern looking and easily fits into a space provided on the fanmaking it easy to find always. The presence of a remote makes people like me happy who hate travelling to the fan to make settingsevery time so that gains athumbs up from my side.

It also has no exposed parts that the children can play with and damage. The only thing that comes out is a chord which fails to satisfy me because of its color. I don’t see why they would put a black chord for a white fan instead of a sleek white one. Anyway, this thing only matters to people who have kept it in a region which allows that chord to be visible.

All in all, I am quite happy with this buy and satisfied but one thing that sets me off is the rattling of the fan at high speeds. But I read in one of the reviews that it’s just an assembling problem, hope I get it sorted out soon. Also, I am worried if the plastic fans are durable and long lasting but I would give Dyson the benefit of the doubt and hope that they won’t disappoint me in the long run.

Thinking about the power saving feature, I still have to see my electricity bill for the month which would either add another star or hide one from my review. Till then, i am happy sitting in the cool breeze of air that my fan is supplying from the other end.

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