Dyson AM05 Hot + Cool Fan Heater

I was quite curious to learn about this product of Dyson that claimed a lot of changes and promised advancements in the technology of heating and cooling both. I was quite apprehensive about buying this product considering the reviews I read on amazon. Still, I got this the previous week and wished that this product would not disappoint me, but it did and on a large scale. I am not satisfied with the efficiency of the product combined with such a high price.

Firstly I feel they should not confuse customers by calling it Fan Heater because evidently it does not meet the requirements of a fan. The heater no doubt, well, heats but you need to bepatient to experience the changes in the temperature of your room. It took this heater around an hour to actually escalate the temperature of my bedroom, which is quite large, so I am not complaining. Also, if you stand at a considerable distance from it you don’t feel the heated air which shows that it does its work quite slow. Secondly, what really attracted me was the size of the product. It’s easy to set up and has a chord that can be managed easily (though the color of the chord is quite annoying). It has no blades and no exposed parts creeping out so it is safe for the children.  Also, it has an attractive design and comes with a remote so I don’t have to budge from myseat to monitor it and that is a great advantage.

The troublesome part begins here. The noise that it creates is just unbearable to me and others in my house. You can’t talk in the same room as the heater because nothing compares tothe sound of this product. I could hardly hear anything happening outside my room and that is not what I would tolerate and you should basically forget sleeping in such a noise.

In the product description, they talk about the Air Amplifier technology, which is in fact good but it does not cool the air present in the room. It only throws air at a faster speed and that is not enough to bring the temperature down.

This product has cost me more in my electricity bills than my traditional room heater that I used previously so the claims that these people make on their description of “energy efficiency” is totally baseless. The only thing it efficiently saves is space as it comes in quite handy and takes up little space in the room.

I see more flaws than benefits in buying this heater (I’d rather call it what it actually is) because at this escalated price, you and I tend to have expectations that this product fails to satisfy. I would suggest that you rather buy a separate heater and a cooling fan for full satisfaction. The combo is good for places that are cool at major times of the year.


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